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Cashpoint Pawnbrokers

Whether you need a quick payday loan, need urgent cash, want to sell your unwanted gold & jewellery or have debt problems, Cashpoint Pawnbrokers are to help you!

Many people are unaware of the amount of money they could raise, hassle free, when pawnbroking items to borrow cash using their jewellery as security. Our pawnbroking service allows you to loan money against your gold and jewellery for a 6 month term.

Holiday Money
For 0% commission and incredibly competitive rates, visit our Foreign Exchange branch!

The BuyBack Process

Instant Cash

Sell your valuables online now

Borrow some cash against an item of value - anything considered!
Bring in an item of value and we will buy it from you. We hold on to the item for 28 days, and then you can buy it back from us. If you don't buy it back, you don't owe us a penny. We simply sell it to get our money back
Got a phone or a tablet? Need some short term cash?